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A delightful Vila Bellevue experience


Vila Bellevue adorns one of the most exclusive places in Montenegro.

People from all over the world come to visit the Sveti Stefan island and Vila Bellevue enjoys uninterrupted, breathtaking views of it. A perfect place for those seeking a sophisticated and elegant venue overlooking the majestic golden hours.


Easily accessed, yet splendidly private


Positioned high on the hill above the Sveti Stefan island, the villa is very close to the main coastline road Bar-Budva, yet, it is splendidly private, tucked away in graceful pine and birch forest.

With the vastness of the azure sea in front, the villa is sun-soaked from early in the morning till the night, and this exquisite hideaway abounds with the calming sounds of sea waves and gentle swishing sounds of leaves in the trees.

Most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, historical old towns, and luxury resorts all lie within easy access. There is plenty to explore during your stay, whether you want to see the historical legacy of the Montenegrin coast or enjoy mesmerizing beaches and other tourist attractions.


Dive into stunning Montenegro landscapes


Some of the most popular cities in Europe and the Middle East are easily connected with Montenegro through Podgorica and Tivat airports, and Vila Bellevue is located only less than an hour’s drive from both. The most memorable and panoramic views of the Adriatic sea await you on the way from the airports to the villa.

Immerse yourself into the captivating landscapes of Montenegrin coastline, feel the fresh air enriched with scents of coastal flowers and sea breeze and experience the slow-paced coastal lifestyle. Experience “bonaca”.


Immerse into the history of momentous towns


While you’re there, some of the most beautiful fragments of Montenegro history are visible from the villa, such as Old Town Budva and Old Town Kotor. These momentous old towns are less than 20 min drive away from the villa and invite you to wander and explore their narrow streets, charming little shops, and historical legacy. Old Town Budva is a unique architectural and urban entity with many churches, cafe bars, and restaurants with a lovely ambiance to enjoy. Old Town Kotor is situated at the foot of famous mount Lovćen, and its irregular streets, churches, and old palaces constantly revive the Medieval spirit. A breath of history to enjoy!

A delicate touch of luxury


The biggest and most luxurious resorts on the Montenegrin coast are only a 30 min drive from the villa. Discover magnificent Porto Montenegro resort, whose ports are beautiful havens for luxurious yachts and boats. Take a walk through the South Village there, which evokes the ambiance of Venice, and enjoy numerous international fashion boutiques and waterfront restaurants.

Visit the enchanting Luštica Bay resort and feel its soulful vibe, with dining and shops on the waterfront promenade and plenty of activities to experience.

About an hour away from the villa is also the Portonovi Resort, a beautiful riviera destination in Herceg-Novi, and a getaway to Boka Bay. While you’re there – explore Herceg-Novi, “the town of 100,001 steps” and feel its tropical, romantic vibe.


Bathe in crystalline waters of mesmerizing beaches


Villa Bellevue experience uncovers the opportunity to visit private, secluded beaches with crystal clear water, all within easy access.

Tropical, cozy beaches awaiting discovery, some of them within a walking distance, and some of them less than 10 min drive from the villa.

Crvena Glavica beach might just be one of the most beautiful private beaches in Montenegro, very intimate, with a luxury bar. Following is Queens’ beach, a private beach with scenic mountain views, with crystal water, set in a  green oasis, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Milocher beach is also a part of the Vila Bellevue experience – secluded and well-maintained, with a beautiful Milocher park and a picturesque view back to Sveti Stefan. Sveti Stefan beach is a dreamy and sandy beach with a beautiful view of the Sveti Stefan island and is exceptionally beautiful and spacious. Feel calm and free, just like the sea!